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My Polish Star Potholder is almost finished

I signed up for a course on Coursera, where you can learn for free, so it took me longer to get back to this than I thought, and I didn’t even do the optional reading assignment. I only got as far as downloading to book to my Kindle.   Honestly, I am so busy in retirement that I am beginning to wonder how I ever found time to work!

Then, when I finally wove my potholder that I mentioned on February 6,  I found that my camera battery died, so I had to wait another day to show you what I did, and provide myself with a reminder of what I did for the next one I crochet.  Short term memory goes first!

Step 1- cross center 4 loops by inserting one on right into one on left:


Step 2 – insert coral loops into red loop directly below:


Step 3 – Insert red loops into coral loops directly below:

IMG_1238Step 4 – cross 3 sets, inserting loop on right into loop on left:IMG_1239Step 5 – insert coral into red directly below:IMG_1240Step 6:  insert red into coral directly below:

IMG_1241Repeat Steps 4 – 6 until done, crochet a row of sc, skipping the loops, another row of 24 sc, and a third one, grabbing the loops below while working into 2nd, 8th, 9th,16th, 17th, 23rd scs:


Tomorrow I hope to finish the back and attach it.  Wish me luck!


Hat Size Reference Chart

I seem to be obsessed with hats and headbands this year – maybe because  we already had snow on the ground when I first posted this.                                                                                                                                              There are so many charts on-line with different information, so I found myself spending way too much time searching for the information I needed every time I designed a new hat.  Last month I finally took the time to go through all my patterns, compare them with on-line charts and come up with a simple, yet comprehensive chart.  Now I can find what I need in one chart!

Maybe you will find this handy as well,   After a winter of crocheting several hats, I have updated my chart, changing the depth from fitted beanie to a measurement from the top of the crown to the bottom of the ear.

Free PDF Download to print or save:   Hat Sizes Reference Chart


Decreasing – dc2tog

1.  To decrease double crochet stitches, y/o, insert hook, and draw up a loop.  You have 3 loops on your hook:


2.  y/o and draw yarn through two loops only.  You now have 2 loops on your hook:


3.  y/o and insert hook into the next st and draw up a loop.  You now have 4 loops on your hook:


4.  y/o and pull yarn through two loops, leaving you with 3 loops on your hook:


5.  y/o and pull yarn through the remaining 3 loops:


Done!  This is what 4 in a row looks like:


Decreasing – sc2tog

To decrease, you crochet more than one stitch together.  The one I use the most is crocheting 2 single crochet stitches together.

1.  Insert hook into next stitch and draw up a loop:


2.   Insert hook into next stitch and draw up a loop:


3. Yarn over and draw the yarn through all 3 loops on the hook:

IMG_0900This is what it looks like after completing 3 more sc2tog:



Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)

With a row of foundation single crochet stitches, you work a row of chains and a row of single crochet stitches at one time.

Begin with ch 2, leaving a 4 inch tail:

IMG_0793Stitch 1 – Insert hook into 1st ch, y/o and pull up a loop for the “chain” part of the stitch:


Then for the “single crochet” part of the stitch, y/o, pull up a loop:


y/o, draw through both loops on hook to complete the stitch :


I found that it helps to hold the “chain” while working the sc so that you can crochet the second stitch more easily.

Stitch 2 – Insert hook into the “chain” of the first stitch:


IMG_0840Y/o, pull up a loop for the second chain:


Hold the ch, and y/o, pull up a loop, y/o and draw through both loops to complete the second single crochet.  This is what 2 FSC will look like:


And this is a row of 5:


When joining for a round, like when making an eternity scarf, you sl st in the “sc” part of the stitch, using the tail  to attach the “chains”.


Magic Circle X Method Tutorial

Here is another way to make a magic circle.

Hold the end of the yarn:


Wrap yarn around your 2 fingers, making a circle and forming an X:


Insert hook in between your fingers, and yarn over:


Pull a loop through your fingers and through the circle of yarn:


Chain one, and you are ready to complete the first round of your pattern:


Back Post Double Crochet Stitch

In the pic, I am working on a base row of double crochet stitches:


To begin the back post double crochet(bpdc), y/o, insert hook from the back on the right side, guiding it over the post of the stitch on the previous row, and back on the left side:



This is what it looks like from the back:








(Y/o, pull through 2 loops)twice to complete the stitch:


This is what 4 stitches looks like: