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Free Afghan Pattern


It’s fall and it is already getting cooler in the evenings.  Keep toasty warm with this easy Woodlands Afghan.

Click to download your free PDF now:  901-woodlands


Hat Size Reference Chart

I seem to be obsessed with hats and headbands this year – maybe because  we already had snow on the ground when I first posted this.                                                                                                                                              There are so many charts on-line with different information, so I found myself spending way too much time searching for the information I needed every time I designed a new hat.  Last month I finally took the time to go through all my patterns, compare them with on-line charts and come up with a simple, yet comprehensive chart.  Now I can find what I need in one chart!

Maybe you will find this handy as well,   After a winter of crocheting several hats, I have updated my chart, changing the depth from fitted beanie to a measurement from the top of the crown to the bottom of the ear.

Free PDF Download to print or save:   Hat Sizes Reference Chart


Yarn Weight Chart

Free PDF File to Download to print or save:  Yarn by Weight Chart

 Name                                    Number                  Hook Size* Ply(UK,AU)

Thread                                            0                               Steel  8

Cobweb                                         0                               Steel 7                                 1

Lace                                                   0                              Steel 6                                2

Light Fingering,

10 Crochet Thread             1                               Steel 4,  B-1                         3

Fingering,Sock,Baby         1                                       E-4                                    4

Sport,Baby                                 2                              E-4, F,G,H                           5

DK, Light,

Light Worsted                        3                                  I-9                                        8

Worsted, Aran,

Medium                                      4                                 J, K                                   10


Craft,Rug                                 5                               K-10, N                             12


Roving                                       6                                M- 13                               14

*General Guideline – use hook specified on yarn package or pattern (Scarves drape better if a larger hook is used)