Beginning Round Tutorial

Start with a beginning row of 3 ch as shown in this post:

Join with slip stitch(sl st):  inserting hook into first ch, wrap yarn over the hook(y/o), and pull it through both stitches:


Chain 1 and do a single crochet stitch: insert hook into the center of the circle.   Yarn over and pull a loop through the center, yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook.  Repeat 4 more times and you have a round of single crochet:


It is difficult to work in such a tight circle, so I suggest trying the Magic Circle.

From here go to the Stitches Tab above and click on the stitch you want to learn next.


Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Begin with row of 6 chains, insert hook into second ch from hook:


Yarn over and pull through both loops on hook for a single crochet stitch(sc):

IMG_0649Insert hook into the next chain, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook 4 more times and you have a row of 5 single crochet stitches:



Begin with a row of chain stitches

Take yarn and make a circle, crossing the part closer to the ball over the end:


Take end closer to ball and wrap it down, around, and up through the loop:


Pull through and tighten for beginning  slip knot:



This is how to thread the yarn aound your fingers:


Wrap yarn around the hook as shown:


Pull through and tighten for your first chain(ch).   Note how I hold my needle – this takes less energy than holding the needle like a pen.



Here is what the row looks like:





Crochet Hook Size Charts

Crochet Hook Size Chart

 Metric                        Numeric             Letter         UK/Canadian

2                                                                                                           14

2.25 mm                       1                              B                               13

2.5 mm                                                                                             12

2.75 mm                       2                              C

3 mm                                                                                                 11

3.25 mm                       3                              D                             10

3.5 mm                         4                               E                                9

3.75 mm                      5                               F

4 mm                              6                             G                                8

4.5 mm                         7                              —                              7

5 mm                             8                             H                               6

5.5 mm                        9                              I                                 5

6 mm                           10                           J                                 4

6.5 mm                       10.5                      K                                3

7 mm                                                                                              2

8 mm                          11                           L                                0

9 mm                          13                          M                            00

10 mm                        15                         N                          000

11.5 mm                   16                          P

15 mm                       19                        P/Q

16 mm                        —                           Q

19 mm                        35                          S

25 mm                       50                          —

Free PDF to print or save:  Crochet Hook Size Chart

Crochet Steel Hook Size Chart


Common Crochet Abbreviations

approx            approximately

beg                  beginning

bet                   between

bl                     block

blp                   back loop only

BP or bp          back post

bpdc                back post double crochet

CA                   color A

CB                    color B

CC                    contrasting color

ch                    chain

ch-                   refers to chain previously made e.g. ch-1 sp.

CL                    cluster

dc                    double crochet

dec                  decrease

dtr                   double treble

flp                    front loop only

FP or fp           front post

g                      gram

hdc                  half double crochet

inc                   increase

lp                     loop

MC                  main color

  1. ounce

pat                   pattern

prev                 previous

rem                  remaining

rep                   repeat

rnd                  round

RS                    right side

sc                     single crochet

sk                     skip

sp                    space

st                     stitch

sts                    stitches

tog                  together

tr                      treble

tr tr                  treble treble

WS                   wrong side

y/o                   yarn over

yoh                  yarn over hook

Download Free PDF here:  Common Crochet Abbreviations


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