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Crochet with Rope from DIYEverywhere


This is an interesting article to inspire you!  You can make this rug with a jumbo hook and rope.   For more, click here.


A group in Tennessee, The Bag Ladies, Crochet Mats for the Homeless

What a great way to recycle plastic bags!  They cut the bags into strips, tie them together, and wind them into balls, and crochet these waterproof mats.

So far this year, they have made 88 large mats using 52,000 plastic bags.

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The Coral Reef Crochet Project and Kevin Bacon?

What does Kevin Bacon have to do with crochet and the Coral Reef Project?  The founder,  Margaret Wertheim, and her sister Christine, crocheted a video of one of his films.  Read more (LA Times)

Margaret Wertheim founded the Institute for Figuring in 2003.  It is located  in Los Angeles Chinatown.  Her goal was to increase awaareness and understanding of science and mathematics by creating fun methods of engaging people in geometry, physics, computation and even topography.

Here is a pic of one of the many patterns they sell in their book, Crochet Coral Reef


The Coral Reef was my inspiration for my pattern, Baby’s First Ball, a crocheted hyperbolic sphere:




For those of you with no nerdy characteristics like me, a hyperbolic sphere is the result of visualizing a hyperbolic plane.  Instead of positve curvature, like a ball, a hyperbolic plane has a constant negative curvature. This result in the space expanding exponentially, in other words a whole lot!  Each round has a lot more stitches.  Which is why I crocheted the balls in chunky yarn.  I made earrings in crochet cotton, and it took forever for a small ball.  But it was so much fun, and I love the result.

So I guess that means there is 4 degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and me!  Who knew?